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What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is a term in which hacker or person perform hack with legal way by taking permission from the owner of the system. Ethical hacking is a help to improve the security of the system. In other word ethical hacking is for security testing

Who is a hacker?

Hacker is a person or individual who is illegally access system or network to steal, destroy data, or perform malicious attacks.

So now we are going to learn the type of hackers. Mainly hackers are of 8 types listed below:-

  • Black hats hacker
  • White hats hacker
  • Gray hats hacker
  • Suicide hacker
  • Script Kiddies
  • Spy hacker
  • Cyber Terrorists
  • State-sponsored hacker

Black hats hacker:-

 Black hats hackers are individuals with extraordinary computing skills, restoring to malicious or destructive activity and are also known as a cracker. This individual use there skills for only destructive activities, causing a loss for a company or any individual. They use their skill for finding the vulnerability of any system or network including government and corporate banks. They may do this to destroy data, steal information or earn money easily by hacking bank ID of customers.

what is vulnerability?

Vulnerability is a weakness in the design or in the implementation of particular software that can cause unexpected and undesirable events compromising the security of the software. In simple word, vulnerability is a weakness, limitations or loophole that make source for hacker or attacker to enter into the system by bypassing user authentications.

White hats hackers:-

White hats hackers are using their hacking skills for defensive purposes only and white hat hackers also known as security analysts. Now days almost every company has security analysts that protect there system and defense there system from malicious attacks. In other words, we can say that this is a hacker which is heros that prevent our system from other bad hackers which are villains.

Gray Hat Hackers:-

Gray Hat Hackers is a fall between black hat and white hat hacker. Gray hat hackers are individuals that work both defensively and offensively. They help hackers to find the vulnerability of the system or network and at a time they help the vendor of system to protect the system by checking limitations and making more secure.

Suicide hacker

Suicide hackers are individuals who aim to destroy any infrastructure for a “cause” and are not worried about facing a 30-year jail for their action. Suicide hacker is like a suicide bomber, they sacrifice their life for attack and are not concerned with consequences for their action.

Script Kiddies:-

Script kiddies are unskilled hackers who compromise the system by running script, tools and software development by real hackers. They utilized a small, easy-to-use program or script to find the vulnerability of the system. Script Kiddies are usually focused on the quantity of attack rather than focus on the quality of there attacks.

Spy Hacker:-

Spy hackers are individuals who are hired by the organization to penetrate and gain secrete information from other companies or organizations that are basically their competitors. They don’t change any information of system they just see how information flow and just steal information.

Cyber Terrorism:

Cyber Terrorists could be peoples, organized groups from terrorist organizations, that wide range of skills, motivated by religious or political benefit.

This type of hackers is more dangerous as they can hack not only the website but the whole internet. This type of hackers has a cult or organization. And they are more dangerous than other hackers. For that, each country has they’re own a cybersecurity team too.

State-sponsored hacker:-

State-sponsored hackers are individuals employed by the government to penetrate and gain secrete information and damage data from other governments.

This are types of hackers. Hope this article improves your knowledge about hackers and their types. Stay connected to us for future content.


What we have seen in this article is:-

  • Who is a hacker?
  • What are there types?
  • What their actual meanings?
  • How can they hack and steal information?
  • What is their intention?
  • From which hacker we have to stay way?
  • Which hacker will help us to improve security?

There are 8 types of hacker. In this article, we have seen what kinds of hackers are present and how they work. According to types they differ from each other. Also, we have seen how they can steal our information. From which hacker we should stay away and which hacker will help us to improve the security of our system. Which are more dangerous?. Who are crackers?


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