What is Ethical Hacking? | Important concept in hacking

What is Ethical Hacking? | Important concept in hacking


What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking is a term in which hacker or person perform hack with legal way by taking permission from the owner of the system. Ethical hacking is a help to improve the security of the system. In another word ethical hacking is for security testing.

Following are some terms that are important when you are going to learn ethical hacking:-

What is Hack Value?

We can say hack value is a notion among all hackers so that they know something is doing or is it interesting or not. A hacker might think that breaking toughest network give them great satisfaction so that the want to achieve hack that not everyone could do.

What is Exploit?

The exploit is a term which defines the way to break the software security by taking advantage of the vulnerability of that software. The term exploit is used when any software attack takes place on the network or system. The term exploits can also be defined as malicious software or command that can cause antiseptic behavior to occur in legitimate software or hardware by taking advantage of there vulnerability. For example, everyone knows the advance version of WhatsApp which is gold WhatsApp or gbwhatsapp. The developer or moder of this app is not known and they do not follow any kind of privacy policy, they might be using private data of there users by the method of exploit.

What is Vulnerability?

Vulnerability is a weakness in the design or in the implementation of particular software that can cause unexpected and undesirable event compromising the security of the software. In simple word, vulnerability is a weakness, limitations or loophole that make source for hacker or attacker to enter into the system by bypassing user authentications.

What is Target of evolution (TOE)?

A target evolution in an IT System, product, or component that is identified to require security evolution. This kind of evolution helps the evaluator to understand vulnerability, functionality, and technology of a particular system or product.

What is Daisy Changing?

The attacker gets away with database theft usually complete their task and then backtrack to cover their task by destroying log. The attackers gain control of other system and perform the malicious activity and in this situation, it is difficult to identify the attackers as they use another system to perform illegal activities.

What is Zero-day attack?

In Zero-day attack, the attackers exploit the vulnerabilities in computer application before the software developers release the patch for them.

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