How to run PUBG smoothly in a low-end device? | PUBG Mobile Trick 2019


Hey PUBG Lover, In this article we are going to tell you How you can run PUBG mobile smoothly on any low-end device and these tricks really improve your gaming experience.

Although you have a high-end device, still sometimes the game becomes choppy and having lag so much. This article will solve all PUBG mobile’s lags related problems. But note that this game is very big and has glitches too, so that problem will be solved by Tencent 😜.

Please follow all the steps that are shown in this article and I give you 101% guaranty that the game will run very smoothly without any single lag.

What Should Avoid?

Firstly, uninstall all the device booster or game booster application from your android device. Main part of slowing your device is done by these apps. They actually run in the background and take a lot of memory of your device’s ram. And this leads to slow your device. And we are going to tune our device so that your device gets faster and your gaming experience will increase.

First Method | Change Device Settings

By default, each device’s manufacturer sets your device’s settings. These settings need to change as new updates are rollouts and each app get updates. The following are some settings that will increase your device speed and you should apply this setting.

Firstly we have to enable developer option of our android device in order to enable it, you have to open setting and go to About phone and click on Build number 5 times and it will enable Developer Options.

After that, Go to Settings >> System >> Developer options >>

Here you have to set animation scale of Window animation, Transition animation and Animator duration scale to Animation off

How to run PUBG smoothly in a low-end device?
How to run PUBG smoothly in a low-end device?

Next step, again open Go to Settings >> System >> Developer options >>

Set Background process limit to No background process or At most, 1 process, this will increase your device performance.

Second Method | Greenify App

Use Greenify app and select apps which you don’t use frequently so that Greenify will automatically force stop that app and that app doesn’t use any resource of your device.

Third Method | Fast Task Killer and Optimizer

This two lightweight app will optimize your device performance and improve your game experience cause Fast Optimizer come up with 226kb in size and Fast Task Killer 389Kb in size.

Fourth Method | Use GFX Tool | Antibaned

This app is 100% secure. Some gfx tool banned your pubg account but this gfx tool will help you to run PUBG Mobile very smoothly without any lag. After installing you can either customize your setting according to you or you can search for your device name and the recommended setting will be provided to you. By using this you can run PUBG Mobile with HDR Graphics Setting.


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