How to run bank apps on rooted android? |Device not secured | Hide Root


Hey there, Are you using a rooted android device? And you are facing the problem whenever are you using banking run bank apps on rooted android? Then this article will solve this issue.

In this article, we are going to see one method that hides your root information from other apps that don’t give you access when your phone is rooted. Usually, in a rooted device, Google SafetyNet is broken, and for security purposes banking apps like google pay, Tez, BHIM, Paytm and Other banking related app are not working. And they show alert as Device is not secured for this transaction. So that doesn’t mean that you will not able to use those apps on your rooted device. If you are one such rooted device user who is interested in running banking apps like google pay, Tez, BHIM, Paytm on your rooted device, keep reading this article till the end so that you will successfully run all these banking apps.

Rooting has its own benefits and advantages but there is a disadvantage too. If you unroot your device then you will not able to enjoy the benefits of the rooting.

But if you follow this article, you can use all block apps on your phone without unrooting your phone. To root any device first you have to unlock the bootloader of the phone, install TWRP recovery and after this process, you need to install the Magisk Manager root package or supersu root packages.

If you using the Magisk Manager then you can easily run all these banking apps on your rooted phones. If your phone is not rooted by magisk manager then this trick will not work for you.

Why are Banking apps are not working rooted phones?

In a rooted device, there is no security for the apps or any game. Generally, peoples root their phones for hacking and customization on their phones. So that root phones allow users to change value or modify any app. For that reason, banking apps have to restrict a rooted user for frauds and hackers. As root user can easy faking a transaction which is really bad. So because of this, payment-related apps are not working on rooted phones.

How to run bank apps on rooted android
How to run bank apps on rooted android

How to use Banking Apps on Rooted Android Phones?

Firstly you have your rooted device which is must root by Magisk Manager in order to achieve this trick. Magisk is known as a systemless root method. Which can hide any app in the system and the app will not track the phone is rooted or not.

How to Use Banking Apps, PayTm, Google Pay, Tez on Rooted Android Phones?

Above is the error which appears whenever you try to use Google Pay and try to make a transaction. In this situation, you are not able to transfer or receive any money.

To remove this kind of warning and run bank apps on your rooted android device, just open the magisk manager on your rooted device. Enable each and every option that is shown in the screenshot. It will enable you to Run android pay, banking app, PayTm, google pay, Tez on a rooted phone.

After this step just clicks on the menu which is in the top left corner of the app and so to magisk hide. Magisk Hide option allows you to hide the root information of your phone from other apps.

Now just select apps that you wanted to be isolated from root and that restrict to access because of a rooted device. As you see in the screenshot we have select google pay and Phone pay which are banking apps and not allow to make transactions.

If you follow this all step successfully then, Congratulation now you can run bank apps on rooted android.

Hope you found this article useful. To get future contetn please allow notification for getting new tech tricks and tips from our site.


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