How to record only kills in PUBG Mobile Automatically?


Hey PUBG Lover, This article is all about How to record only kills in PUBG Mobile Automatically? And if you use this method, then you don’t need to record all gameplay and don’t need to waste time for video editing.

What happens when you use a normal screen recorder?

If you are using normal screen recorder for record gameplay then these things can happen.

  1. When you use normal recorder, it records whole gameplay and takes more space to store gameplay.
  2. After recording gameplay, you have to give time for edit and cut the intensive part of your gameplay.
  3. When you use normal recorder it affects your gameplay and sometimes it also affects the smooth game experience (if you want to run PUBG Mobile smoothly then do check this article).
  4. Some Screen recorder put a watermark on video.

Now talk about how we can record only kills in PUBG Mobile Automatically? To solve this problem we are going to use the Gamera App.

Currently, this app is not available in the play store, but you can download this app from APKpure.

How to uses this app?

Go to Settings>> and Tune settings as per your requirements.

  • Put Video quality to Super Definition for a better quality of the video
  • In Video length, there are options that allow you to set the duration of the video that will record the length of the video before kill in your game.
  • Set Video location where it will store.
  • After that enable/disable audio so that it records sound too(if you want to record the internal sound of your gameplay then check this article below)

Features of Gamera App

As you can see you can add effects, add music and trim options here. Gamera allows you to add effects that are the same as tiktok effects. Also, you can add own music to your clips. So you do not need to use any video editing software for editing your video.

I have uploaded the result of this app on my youtube channel check the video below for the end result. This video is recorded in Gamera App

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