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Do you lost your phone? or Do you want to track your stolen phone?. This article is for you.

Hey there, In this article, I’m going to tell you what are best ways to track or find your lost phone without involving the police.

What mistake peoples do when they lost their phone?

Usually, when someone lost their phone, they get hyper. And they do things that should not do.

Firstly, don’t call again and again if your call gets a pickup, this will reduced phone battery if in case it is not stolen by someone or no one finds your phone. If battery of the phone gets low then it is nearly hard to find it. And maybe you lost your phone forever.

Second, If in case your phone gets stolen and your phone gets to switch off then please inform your nearby police station. Cause in this case sometimes thief is professional and in that case, they erase your all data so it becomes hard to find a phone without police or other government authority.

What are the best ways to track or find your lost phone without involving the police?

So there is tension when you lost your phone, and also you have a fear of leaking of your personal data. Until the police do there work, there are chances of leaking of your personal data.

Don’t worry, there are basically two ways from which you can find your mobile phone and also you can secure your personal information very easily. These methods are very important and must to use on your phone.

Method Number 1 | Android Device Manager

When you are setting up your phone, everyone login their google account on their phone right? This Google account will help you to find and locate your phone easily.

Yes, In android there is by default one app is install known as Android Device Manager. This helps us to find your lost phone.

What you want to do is, just go to google chrome and type find my device or where is my phone this queries will give you result like below

Here you can see it shows my phone’s location. If you open you will see the following options.

Play Sound option will continuously play ringtone on your phone, whether it is in silent mode it will continue ringing with full volume. By using this you can easily identify when you go to that location. As you find location on the right side’s map.

After that, there is a second option secure device which locks your device and makes your account secure and phone too. You can also display a message or phone number on the lock screen. You can still locate the device after it’s locked.

Erase Device option will delete all content from the device including your apps and personal data. Once your device has been erased, you can’t locate it.


  • You can perform an action even if your phone’s mobile data is off
  • Play sound option will work fine even if mobile in on silent mode
  • No one can stop sound other than you so a thief can’t stop ringing of your phone.


  • If your location is turned off then you can’t locate your phone but you can get the last location of your phone.

Method Number 2 | Macroid Device Automation

As we see if your phone’s location is off then you can’t find your phone without the help of the police. So for this, we have also a solution.

In this method, we are going to use the app known as MacroDroid – Device Automation. This is an app which helps you to automate your device.

before that, you have to know what is automation Macros. Macros are used to trigger something for that we define some actions from which when you do that action, that trigger will fire. For example, if you want to on the flashlight when you shake your phone. Then we can create that trigger and this is call automation.

By using this technique, we can create a macro that helps you to find your lost phone even if location and mobile data is off.

For that firstly you have to install0 MacroDroid – Device Automation. Now Open the app and click on the template here you will get all the macros but we have to search find the lost phone and you will get template, here you have to read what trigger is. Some times there is a trigger when you send particular SMS from a specific number then your device performs the action as it turns on location and sends it to that particular number. Some time trigger is for the call.

This is a more convenient way to find your lost phone, isn’t it? Every phone should have this app.

There are other apps to which helps you to secure your phone.

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