Different phase in hacking |Free Ethical Hacking Course
phases of hacking

There are a total of 5 phase of hacking listed and explained below Passive and active reconnaissance:- Passive reconnaissance involves gathering information about the targeted company or individual’s knowledge. Passive reconnaissance is as simple as just watching building and identifying the employee entered and leave. Every one of you may search on the internet about…

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Who is a hacker? |What are the types of hackers? | Free Ethical Hacking Course

Who is a hacker? Hacker is a person or individual who is illegally access system or network to steal, destroy data, or perform malicious attacks. So now we are going to learn the type of hackers. Mainly hackers are of 8 types listed below:- Black hats hacker White hats hacker Gray hats hacker Suicide hacker…

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What is Ethical Hacking? | Important concept in hacking

What is ethical hacking? Ethical hacking is a term in which hacker or person perform hack with legal way by taking permission from the owner of the system. Ethical hacking is a help to improve the security of the system. In another word ethical hacking is for security testing. Following are some terms that are…

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